What We Believe

Resounding God’s Grace!

When you hear our church bells ringing around town, they are doing more than just marking the time of day. They are Resounding God’s Grace! As they ring, it is our prayer that you will be reminded of the love and the grace that Jesus Christ has already brought into the world – and to you! As members of our congregation, it is our goal to live our lives so that we, too, might Resound God’s Grace to everyone we meet, not just an hour on Sunday but every minute of every day.

Resounding God’s Grace!
We echo and repeat the grace of Jesus Christ that is loving, accepting and forgiving; the grace that God has already shown the world in his son, Jesus Christ. This grace offers an abundant life to all which can be experienced today and for eternity.

• Relating with love and grace
We will relate with one another in ways that will clearly sound, and ring true with respect, honesty, and accountability. We will improve the care our congregation offers to those in our midst who are in need of life-changing love and grace.

• Radically welcoming our guests
We will welcome our guests with a radical hospitality that is much more than greeting guests after they have walked into our door. It will begin by going out into our communities to meet, know, and invite them into our Christian fellowship. It will continue through repeated authentic welcomes and conversations, in which everyone in our congregation will have a role that will lead to the incorporation of those not yet a part of the body of Christ

• Reaching out to our communities in love
We will actively search out the unmet needs in our local communities and be aware of the challenges that people face in our larger global community. We will reach out in love, balancing our local and global responses as we work cooperatively with others who are in mission with us.