Love God.  Love Your Neighbor.

– Jesus (30 ad)

First, Do no harm. 
Secondly, Do good.
Thirdly, Do those things that enhance your love of God.

– John Wesley (1743 ad – founder of the Methodist Movement)

These are the updates
to our schedule…

All Large Group Gatherings (Worship, etc.)
Are suspended until March 31st
(Online and Phone Options will be available)

Please join us for worship
or any of our activities!

 Sunday Worship is at 9:00 am.

Sunday Bible study starts at 10:10

Free daycare is offered for Sunday worship and Sunday Bible study.

Wednesday Night Contemporary Worship is at 5:45 pm.            (Fellowship Hall)

Click the links to see other activities and our calendar…

119 East 2nd St, Fairmont  MN 56031
(507) 235-5579

Resounding God's Grace!

Resounding God’s Grace!

  • Relating with love and grace
  • Radically welcoming our guests
  • Reaching out to our communities in love