Connection Groups

Why Connection Groups?

Relationships are an essential part of God’s plan for His creation.

Connection Groups are designed to help form connections  to strengthen each member, help us grow together and individually in faith by learning, being in community, and holding each other accountable for the things we say we’ll do within the community. Connection Groups are also meant to provide a practical way for members to be active within the community of faith, to be used as a doorway to invite others into the community of believers, and for persons in the larger community to meet others and engage with those with similar interests.


3 Ways to register for Winter Quarter Groups…

 *Click here to register online                                                                                                             *Call the church office at 507-235-5579                                                                                         *Winter Brochure, bring  the registration portion to the church office or                                    mail to 119 E 2nd St, Fairmont, MN 56031