Christian Education and Growth

Christian Growth Opportunities


Sunday 9:10 Classes for all ages

 Pre-K through 4th grade are using the DEEP BLUE curriculum.                                                                   5-6th graders are using SUBMERGE.
Youth (7th-12th grades) will be studying the weekly Gospel lessons of the lectionary and also having question and Biblical answer sessions.
         Adult Bible Study Class (mixed) is studying The Gospel of Luke.
 Women’s Bible Study Group is studying the book Love Does .

Wednesday Midday
1:00 pm Adult Bible Study at Lutz Wing

Wednesday Evenings
3:00-5:00pm CLICK for Grades K-6
5:00 Community Dinner
6:00 8th Grade Confirmation Class
7:00 9th Grade Confirmation Class

Thursday Evenings
6:00 “Refresh” Gathering with Holy Communion

Refresh is studying the Gospel of Mark

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  1. Looking for more information about your confirmation class, I have a daughter that will starting 7th grade in the fall and I am looking at Confirmation options. We are currently members of the Trimont United Methodist Church

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