From Pastor Tony



Are you looking forward to Spring?


Spring is the time that I look forward to – as tulips, crocus, daffodils, and hyacinth push their way through the cool soil and bloom with new life.  It is the time that I take a deep breath and experience of the fragrance of lilacs.  It is the season in the church when we celebrate that a tomb was found empty 2,000 years ago – and we remember that we are given the gift of new, abundant, everlasting life!


Around our church it also looks like new life is blooming.  Our entrances and first floor hallway are coming to life with fresh paint and inviting colors.  Plans are coming to fruition as we are making our entryways into church more attractive and inviting.  Every couple of days I am surprised when something new appears or a coat rack gets moved to a new location.


Dale Baruth shared last week that the most amazing thing for him is that it seems like more than the physical church building is being renewed.  The members of our congregation are acting renewed, too!  Dale shared that the comments he has received so far are ones of joy and appreciation, instead of discontent and complaints that something was changed.


Are you looking forward to Spring and the new life that Jesus offers to all?


When our cups of love and grace are filled to overflowing, it can be seen in how we care for not just the outward appearance of our church building, but more importantly in how we inwardly care for one another.


As we celebrate the gift of new, abundant life,

May God Bless Us!